Storage Containers

Every one of our containers come wind and water tight, guaranteed. They also have working doors and wood floors. The outsides of the containers show the letters of the shipping line, unless new paint is requested. There will be visible surface discoloration, some bumps and dents, but no rust holes.

Although these containers are designed for ease of shipping there are many uses for these shipping containers apart from the obvious. These are a few of the many things that people have found steel shipping containers to be well suited for:

Emergency shelters – Concession Stands – Fire Training Facility – Military Training Facility – School buildings – Urban homes – Rural homes – Office buildings – Stores – Bank vaults – Medical clinics – Radar stations – Sleeping quarters – Transportable factories – Modular data center – Experimental labs – Bathrooms – Showers – Workshops – Construction trailers – Mine site accommodations

If you are looking for an emergency housing or office a collapsible shipping container may be a better fit for you as some of them come insulated and equipped with wiring already in them.


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