Shipping Containers

Our steel shipping containers, also known as intermodal containers, come in 20’ and 40’ foot lengths and are made from reusable steel. Shipping containers come in many dimensions, but typically they are 8′ 6″ to 9′ 6″ high and anywhere from 8’ to 56’ long. These steel containers are ideal for transporting many items due to the relative ease of shipping. Shipping containers can be stacked up to 20 boxes high when empty. They are called intermodal containers due to the ease of transfer between ship, rail, and truck.

These are a few of the many things that people have found steel shipping containers to be well suited for:

Emergency shelters – Concession Stands – Fire Training Facility – Military Training Facility – School buildings – Urban homes – Rural homes – Office buildings – Stores – Bank vaults – Medical clinics – Radar stations – Sleeping quarters – Transportable factories – Modular data center – Experimental labs – Bathrooms – Showers – Workshops – Construction trailers – Mine site accommodations

Steel shipping containers revolutionized the shipping and international industry by lowering the costs associated with shipping overseas. Every steel shipping container comes with its own personalized ISO 6346 code imprinted on it. This code in comprised of four letters ending with U, J, or Z followed by six numerical digits and a check digit. This helps to protect your box from mix ups and misidentification. Made out of 8,000 lbs of steel, your box will be strong enough to protect even your most valuable shipments.

Whether you are looking to ship your products internationally or you want to use it for another of its one of many uses, steel shipping containers are the cheap economical solution.


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