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Pre-fab office - Modular office

New Pictures added to Modular Container Page

We’ve added some new pictures to our modular/collapsible container page. These units can be used for a variety of different applications. Here are just some of the things our customers have used these for: Pre-fab School Beach Cabin Guesthouse Office Building Oilfield Housing Homes Emergency Housing Construction Site Office This is a different product from […]

storage containers for sale

Become a Partner with CMG!

CMG has started a partner program! Our program has room for different types of individuals and companies – from those looking to expand throughout their region, to those who are satisfied staying local. Our goal is nothing less than to be the industry leader and we seek partners who share the same passion, drive, and commitment. If you […]

shipping container dimensions

Shipping Container Dimensions

Need to know the interior and exterior dimensions of a shipping container? Check out the table below for the most common dimension related questions we have. All the interior measurements are approximates, good to within half an inch of the actual length. Feel free to ask us questions, we’ll do our best to give you […]

Now Offering Mobile Offices For Sale

In the market for a mobile office? We are now offering 20′ and 40′ mobile offices (also known as office containers, office trailers, and portable offices) in most major markets. What separates our mobile office units from the competition is that they are cost effective, industry leading, and offers far greater flexibility for someone looking […]

Where to buy a shipping container?

Many of our customers already know that there is large number of companies out there providing containers for sale. Containers can be found using eBay, Craigslist, magazines, and of course online search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. However, what many customers do not know is that over 80% of these sellers do not […]

Build An Underground Shelter With A Shipping Container

Containers have many characteristics that make them ideal construction material. They are prefabricated, mass-produced, cheap and mobile. They are easily accessible all around the world. Shipping containers are strong and resistant to weather and outside elements. And finally they are recyclable, reusable, and provide superb ease of design and construction. The design of the containers […]

Shipping Container Homes – A Smart Housing Investment

  Steel shipping containers (also known as “steel intermodal containers” or “ISO containers”) make for excellent building material because they possess strength and durability, provide simplicity of design and plan, are widely available, and relatively cheap. Their frames are built of tubular steel, which allows for stacking (to customize height), and the corrugated steel body […]